This is a must-place in your bucketlist, 68°N

From Katterjokk you'll have Europes most sparsely populated and untouched area just outside the doorstep. Having access to all the comfort you'll ever need and yet the vast and wild nature just a thought away is mind-blowing and very much unique.

Experience great skiing in our immense playground, relax in the best sauna you will ever have, and maybe see a hugh powerfull aurora - all in the same day! 

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Accommodation 2023:


Mid-season: 27 februari – 26 mars
High-season: 27 mars – 28 maj

Note! Important info for bookings in the reservation system!


Any discount requires a valid code at the time for the booking. No discounts are paid in hindsight.

Discount for children

Children under 13 years receive a 50% discount if they live with their goalkeeper.

Do you have children and receive a child discount, enter the 1BARN, 2BARN, 3BARN or 4BARN codes for 1,2,3 or 4 children. Please note that the code cannot contain any spaces and only uppercase letters. Check on arrival may occur, and if the number of children is not correct, a refund will be requested.

NOTE! The code must be entered in the box "Promotion code" and not in the message box! Otherwise, the discount will not be deducted.

weekly rates

If you book seven days or more (7-13 days), you will automatically receive a discount of two days. If you book two weeks (14 days), you will receive a discount of three days.

Members of Friluftsfrämjandet Kiruna

Enter the membership number in the notification box and the booking code that has expired via our newsletter. If you have not received any newsletter and code, please send an e-mail to info@katterjokk.se

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